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   Sales Ghostwriting Agency

"Don't sell the steak, sell the sizzle." 

              - Elmer Wheeler - 



As an operations manager of a one call closing business, I have a clear advantage in ghostwriting for executive's and CEO's in the sales industry. This allows me to understand the message that my clients are trying to convey at a much higher level than the average writer. 


I can save you a substantial amount of time and energy without you having to sacrifice the quality of your writing. The question is, how much is your time worth?

                 About me 

                 My name is Zach Wertz. My experience comes from many years as an in-home sales representative as well as operations manager of a large home improvement business. I learned how to speak the corporate language at a very young age. Tenacity and professionalism are the two traits I believe helped me become successful. I have a strong passion for sales training. Specifically one call close.


                 My most common ghostwriting services are for clients that need to improve their sales training documents. To organize and fine tune the verbiage of their current training material. I have successfully helped many executives with great results. I also completely build new sales training manuals for start-ups and struggling sales companies. This acts as a trampoline for the success of a new sales organization!

                 I began ghostwriting when I realized that most important people do not have the time to write or type all day. They would prefer to have their "touch" on certain company documents, but cannot do it themselves. That is where I come in. I knew I had an advantage in a professional sales setting as well, so I marketed myself under this niche. I now help various clients improve their organization and get work done without having to lift a finger.


                 I also work completely anonymously. Anything I write is honored as my clients work and I never share a clients name. For this reason, I am unable to share any pieces of work that I have previously written for clients. I do offer free one hour zoom meetings with anyone that would like to determine what I can offer them in more detail. 

What I Offer


Per-word documents:

*Company update letters

*Training documents


*Social media statements 


For most clients, these are emails or letters sent out to investors and employees to update the status of the company. I will generally zoom call with my client for one hour to get the specifics and clarify exactly what needs to be said. I usually finish the letter the same day it is requested.   (4-8 hours) 

Full company training manuals

*A large book with all training material including pricing, terminologies, sales systems, pay structure, company story, expectation, etc. 

This service is much more extensive. I generally zoom call up front for two hours to nail down expectations. After that, I will request a few more zoom calls over a 1-4 week span to make sure the material is spot on. The completed product is an in depth company training manual that can be used to help train and drive sales for years to come.          (1-4 weeks depending on size and complexity) 

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Set an appointment 

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